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There are times when hiring an attorney is not necessary, such as fighting a speeding ticket. However, being charged with a Cherokee County driving under the influence (DUI) offense definitely requires the skill of an experienced defense lawyer. The penalties for this crime are serious, and will not only impact your life but potentially the lives of your family members. By having a qualified defense attorney on your side, your consequences may be minimized and you could win your case.

Do you know your rights? Many people do not know that they are protected against illegal search and seizure; however, a Cherokee County DUI lawyer will be all too familiar with this right. Your lawyer can review the facts of your case to determine if there was probable cause to arrest you or even pull you over in the first place. If you are facing drunk-driving charges, it is worth speaking with a lawyer to learn about your options and potential defense strategies. After thoroughly investigating your charges, your DUI attorney may find evidence that hurts the prosecution’s case against you and could ultimately lead to winning your case.

Understanding chemical tests requires a great deal of training and scientific knowledge, both of which a successful DUI defense lawyer should possess. Chemical tests, such as breath, blood, or urine tests, are used by law enforcement agents to determine the driver’s blood alcohol content (BAC).

The legal limit for drivers over the age of 21 is .08% while the limit for drivers under 21 is .02%--testing over this limit will result in drunk-driving charges. What many who are arrested for DUI may not know is that these tests are not always accurate. Your attorney can review the administration of your test as well as the machine’s maintenance and calibration logs to determine if any errors may have skewed your test results. Certain medical and dental conditions could also lead to an inflated test result.

The defense lawyers at The Turner Firm, LLC have a successful record of having Cherokee County DUI charges reduced to a lesser charge (such as reckless driving) or thrown out altogether. Their number one goal is to shield you from the harsh consequences that come with a drunk-driving conviction. Learn how they can help you, and receive a free consultation, by contacting The Turner Firm, LLC today.

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