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Georgia DUI Felony

There are two types of Georgia driving under the influence (DUI) offenses: misdemeanor and felony. Of the two, a felony is the most serious. While most drunk-driving offenses are classified as a misdemeanor if there are no extenuating circumstances, a Georgia DUI felony charge may occur as the result of several factors. If you are currently facing a felony offense, you are strongly advised to contact an experienced Georgia DUI defense lawyer.

What makes a DUI a felony offense? There are many circumstances that can lead to this serious charge, including causing personal injury or wrongful death while under the influence, committing other crimes during the incident, or causing extensive property damage in the course of an accident. A driver may also be charged with a Georgia DUI felony if this is his or her fourth drunk-driving offense, or he or she was transporting a minor with an excessively high blood alcohol content (BAC).

The penalties for a felony offense are much more serious than for that of a misdemeanor. The biggest difference between the two is that a Georgia DUI felony is punishable by at least one year in a state prison. A convicted felon could also be ordered to pay expensive fines, attend court-ordered alcohol and drug abuse treatment, serve probation, and perform community service. In addition, he or she may be sentenced to a lengthy driver’s license suspension or even have his or her license permanently revoked. As a condition of the driver’s license reinstatement, the installation of an ignition interlock device may be required. This device measures the driver’s BAC  before the vehicle may start.

With a felony on your record, you may have a criminal record that lasts a lifetime. This can prove troublesome when applying for certain jobs, housing, or even loans. Convicted felons are also prohibited from voting and owning firearms.

The experienced DUI lawyers at The Turner Firm, LLC understand that having a felony on your record can negatively impact your life. It is for that reason that they will work tirelessly on your case in order to secure the best possible outcome. For a free consultation on your case, please contact our law office today.

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