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Plea Bargain in Georgia

The Plea Bargain

Your case may be determined by a plea bargain before you ever get to trial. If you get an attorney, she or he may try to determine your case by working with the prosecuting lawyer or district lawyer, who works for the state. Also, court calendars are greatly loaded, so the prosecuting legal representative may contact your lawyer to try to plan a plea bargain.

A plea bargain means that you concur to plead guilty to some lesser charge than DUI – perhaps a reckless driving charge. Your prison term will be arranged between the prosecuting attorney and your attorney without your having to go to court. You might have to pay a fine, attend driving school, or complete community service, for example. The selections depend on the seriousness of your crime.

If your DUI involved a great deal of material goods damage, personal injury, or a death, your plea bargain may involve your pleading guilty to DUI rather than a more serious charge such as manslaughter.

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