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Georgia Sentencing During a DUI Case

The Sentencing

Your court appearance for sentencing can be weeks after your conviction. In most DUI cases, however, it will be done very soon. You may receive one or a combination of these punishments.

• A fine may be imposed, the amount of which will be determined by the court.

• You might spend time in prison if your felony was serious.

• Probation is a sentence that restricts your actions; for instance, you may be approved only to drive to and from work, the doctor, and for needed supplies for a certain amount of time. You have to frequently report to a probation officer.

• A suspended sentence means that nothing happens to you unless you violate certain terms of your sentence; for example, if you receive another DUI, you might receive a jail sentence.

• Your driver’s license may well be suspended.

• If you are given community service hours, you are required to volunteer a certain number of hours at a nonprofit or charitable organization.

• Drug or alcohol treatment may be required.

The extent of your sentence is impacted by your prior driving and criminal records, the significance of your crime, if you expressed regret, and your financial situation. For example, rather than suspending your driver’s license totally, the judge may permit that you can drive to work.

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